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top: 10cc
bottom: Alex Henry Foster, I Muvrini
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Bloeiende muziek voor festivals!

Hier de maart selectie van bijzondere buitenlandse artiesten die voor festivals beschikbaar zijn.
Een overzicht van al onze bands kun je op onze website vinden.

Paperclip Agency is officieel partner in de Keychange campagne, voor een betere gender-balans op podia.

We geven graag meer informatie, als je nog vragen hebt.
De rest van deze mailing is in het Engels.

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Rob Berends writes:
A Means to an End
The week of January 19 was a very special week for me! One of the most intense bands that I've ever seen live, and many times for that matter, called it quits.
The band is called de brassers.
They started in the late '70s, inspired by bands like The Clash, The Damned, and PIL, in a rural area in the NE of Belgium.
They were notorious (and still are obnoxious), and people called them 'heretics from the Flemish countryside'.
Their intense and dark music and lyrics soon got the attention of new-music-lovers in The Netherlands too, and one of de brassers' favourite venues in that country was Doornroosje in my hometown Nijmegen. At that time, I was a volunteer at that venue, and the team I was a member of booked many punk, post-punk, new wave, no wave, and reggae acts, including de brassers of course, several times.
Their performance turned out to be as intense as their music and lyrics.
My activities in Doornroosje made me start Paperclip Agency in 1981, but that's another story.
Not only did I see the band play at Doornroosje, but also at several other Dutch venues. Many of the Doornroosje team I was a member of followed the band around.
Many years later, in 2017, I travelled down south, to de brassers' home turf: Hamont-Achel, to see them play at the local venue, together with two other excellent Belgian wave-bands. de brassers were as intense and relevant as I remembered them.
Now, it has all come to an end. The bass player has MS, and the disease makes playing live more and more impossible.
The final live farewell was on January 19, at the famous Ancienne Belgique venue in Brussels/Belgium. The place was packed.
And it was an intense night, and the end of an era.
Hilde Spille writes:
"Freedom doesn't exist unless you fight for it every day." That's one of the last sentences in the book "Riot Days" from Pussy Riot's Maria Alyokhina. The book describes her experience with Pussy Riot, from the start until the night before her release from the Russian prison camp. The book is the basis for the show Pussy Riot: Riot Days.
In April I have them playing four shows in The Netherlands plus one show in Belgium. They are more outspoken than ever against Putin. Somehow having them playing here, brings the death of Navalny, the main figure of the Russian opposition against Putin, very close. He died in a Russian prison camp. Something Alyokhina described in her book.
It all shows to me again, that art and politics are connected, that you can't separate them. Both are very personal and very global at the same time. Every decision in politics has impact on the personal life of people. Everything we do, has a political impact. For art it seems natural that it is personal. The artist is expressing him/herself in art. And all pieces of art have their impact on a wider scale. The show Pussy Riot: Riot Days shows the world, how Putin treated them for a song in a church. The new clip "Swan Lake" shows, how he is indoctrinating the whole nation, especially children.
Last month I ordered a T-shirt with a pencil, a paintbrush and a guitar crossed, with the text "These weapons slay tyrants". Let's use these weapons against all tyrants!

10cc extra show
10cc have added a second show in TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht this year; the April 10 show is completely sold out, and for the extra show (April 09) only a handful of tickets are still available.

10cc's Graham Gouldman & Heart Full of Songs confirmed
10cc's Graham Gouldman & Heart Full of Songs, Graham Gouldman's semi-acoustic four-piece playing older and fresher songs written or co-written by him in his 60-odd years career as a song smith, will play a Dutch festival on Sat. July 06, this year, as well as an indoor theatre show on July 05.
Additional shows are welcome.
See further down below for details.

Crash Test Dummies will celebrate 30th anniversary "God Shuffled His Feet"
After a great tour in May 2022, Crash Test Dummies will come to The Netherlands again to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their hit-selling album "God Shuffled His Feet". Especially their hit singles "Superman Song" and "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" will ring a bell.

new signing:
Excited to add a new name to our roster for all of Europe!
Down North a.k.a. DoWn NOrtH, from Seattle/USA.
They're a psych-infused soul punk band that is sometimes described as Red Hot Chili Peppers covering Prince with an early James Brown frontman.
These creatives pick and choose just-right bits and flavors drawn from the whole of modern western music like painters with unlimited palates.
Check out their exciting danceable sounds/clips: for instance, the songs Heartbreaker , She's Living In My Radio , To Hell With Love .
Or this 30 minutes live-stream from 2021, when we had to stay indoors (remember that?).
Current album ‘No Restraint, Vol. 2’ (2023).



10cc (GBR)
website, facebook1, facebook2
Legendary band with ultra-high quality pop/rock songs that reached the charts many times.
Merely reading the titles should bring the songs to your mind: Dreadlock Holiday, I’m Not In Love, The Wall Street Shuffle, The Things We Do For Love, Rubber Bullets, I’m Mandy Fly Me, etcetera.
Check the recent documentary ‘I’m Not In Love – The Story of 10cc’ here.
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Rob)       


Tue. April 09 – NLD – Utrecht – TivoliVredenburg (Great Hall) (almost sold out!)
Wed. April 10 – NLD – Utrecht – TivoliVredenburg (Great Hall) (sold out!)

Mon. May 20 – NLD – Raalte – Ribs & Blues Festival (18:15-19:30)
10cc's Graham Gouldman & Heart Full of Songs (GBR)
website, facebook, wiki
10cc co-founder and current band-leader Graham Gouldman, together with three seasoned other musicians, presents the songs that he wrote or co-wrote during his long career as a songwriter. The shows are intimate and semi-acoustic, with lots of stories about the songs and about Graham’s career. Not only 10cc-songs are presented, but also songs such as “For Your Love” (The Yardbirds), “Bus Stop” (The Hollies), and “No Milk Today” (Herman’s Hermits) that are Gouldman compositions, as well as songs from Gouldman’s recent solo-albums such as “Love and Work” and his brand-new solo-album “Modesty Forbids” (Lojinx-import).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Rob)


Thu. July 04 – NLD
Fri. July 05 – NLD – t.b.a. (confirmed indoor show)
Sat. July 06 – NLD t.b.a. (confirmed festival show)
Sun. July 07 – NLD
22-Pistepirkko (FIN)
website, wiki, youtube, spotify, bandcamp, soundcloud, instagram
Maybe the best pop group from Finland ever, 22-Pistepirkko are back after an hiatus of 7 years!
The band formed in 1980 in a rural village in the north of Finland, and later moved to Helsinki.
The first new single Snake Charmer / Kind Hearts Have a Run Run was released on the very appropriate date 22022022, and is 'the real thing'.
New studio album "Kids Hearts Have a run Run" out now! (Universal).
Bookings for The Netherlands (by Rob)
24-7 Spyz (USA)
wiki, facebook, bandcamp
The Heavy Metal Soul pioneers from the South Bronx are about to rock the world again in 2023 with the release of their seventh studio-album “The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy”. Their energetic shows have always rocked the crowds, while at the same time the band does not shun experiment and cross-over.
New album “The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy” out soon! (The Gumbo Recording Company-Cargo).
Bookings for all of Europe (by Rob)
Afrika Bambaataa (USA)
facebook, instagram, zulunation, wiki
Afrika Bambaataa is one of the three originators of break-beat deejaying, and is known as the “Grandfather” and “Godfather” and The Amen Ra of Universal Hip Hop Culture as well as The Father of The Electro Funk Sound.
(Tommy Boy Records)
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Rob)
Antilopen Gang (DEU)
website, facebook, instagram, youtube, soundcloud
Antilopen Gang (Koljah, Danger Dan, Panik Panzer) produce original hip hop, with lots of energy and fun, with real instruments, with humor, with love, but also with a strong stance against the extremist middle class and right-wingers, against homophobia, and against self-complacency.
Their current album is called ‘Abbruch Abbruch’.
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Rob)
Jill Barber (CAN)
website, facebook, instagram, bandcamp
Songs of romance and nostalgia, embracing Stax rhythms and a Philly soul backbeat to go along with Jill’s warm sultry vocals.
After first listen, what sets Jill Barber apart is her distinctive voice. But it's her ability to write an immediately memorable song that has made her one of Canada's most recognizable artists. Jill Barber has become renowned for writing songs that evoke feelings of a bygone era.
Current album “Homemaker”, new album with chansons due June 2024! (digital)
Bookings for all of Europe (by Hilde)


fall/winter - EUR
Bulgarian Voices Angelite - former Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares (BGR)
website, facebook
The sensational success of this choir started in 1987 under the name "Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares". The choir had switch to the name "The Bulgarian Voices Angelité" and has released more than 13 albums. After more than 15 years of absence they are back!
Current album "Heritage" (Jaro Medien - Music&Words).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)


Tue. Nov. 12 - NLD

Sat. Nov. 15 - NLD

Crash Test Dummies (CAN)
website, facebook, instagram, youtube
More than 25 years ago, these Canadians published their album "God Shuffled His Feet". It was their most successful album, with 45 weeks in the Dutch top 100 album charts, and made it to no. 6! Their hit song "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" has been watched more than 11 million times, another memorable song of them is "Superman's Song".
In May/June '22 they came with the original line-up to the Netherlands and played the whole album "God Shuffled His Feet" (BMG/Arista) plus al hits.
Bookings in the Netherlands (by Hilde)

30 Year Anniversary “God Shuffled His Feet”

Sun. Oct. 06 – NLD
Mon. Oct. 07 – NLD – t.b.a. (indoor show, t.b.c.)
Tue. Oct. 08 – NLD – t.b.a. (indoor dhow, t.b.c.)
Wed. Oct. 09 – NLD – t.b.a. (indoor show, t.b.c.)
Thu. Oct. 10 – NLD – t.b.a. (indoor show, t.b.c.)
Dub Pistols (GBR)
website, facebook, instagram, soundcloud, youtube
‘A perfect mix of dub, big beat and triphop’.
The last few years revered as one of the UK's best live acts!
Current album “Addict” (Sunday Best Records-PiaS).
Two singles/videos from the album: "Cool Out Soon" (remixes) and "Stand Together".
2023 will see the release of the 9th studio album "Frontline". Check the single "Nice Up".
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Rob)


Wed. May 01 – NLD
Thu. May 02 – NLD – Zaandam – Podium De Flux

Fri. May 17 – NLD – Rotterdam – Grounds
Elisapie (CAN)
website, facebook, instagram, bandcamp
Canadese Inuk singer-songwriter with a strong bond to her language Inuktitut, musical it’s a combination of indie and folk, of tradition and modernity.
New album “Inuktitut” out now! (Bonsound)
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)


mid October - NLD
Eljuri (USA)
website, facebook, instagram, soundcloud, youtube
Cecilia Vilar Eljuri is a multi-award winning artist, born in Ecuador and based in New York. She is one of the top Latina guitar players of the world, an even better guitar player than Carlos Santana, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix, according to some! She usually performs her engaged, activist songs of rock, pop, latin and reggae as a power trio.
New album "Reflexión" out now! (Manovill Records)
Booking for the Netherlands (by Hilde)
Alex Henry Foster & The Long Shadows (CAN)
website, facebook, instagram, spotify, youtube
Alex Henry Foster is musician, producer and composer who advocates human rights. With his band The Long Shadows he creates an intense, raw post-rock experience on stage.
Before covid, they played in front of a packed house at the Montréal jazz festival.
New album "The Power of the Heart" (Sony)
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)


Sat. July 06 – NLD – t.b.a. (confirmed festival show)

October – NLD
Hardwicke Circus (GBR)
website, facebook, instagram
This fresh 5-piece from Carlisle, in the far North-West of England, delivers an exhilarating sound that mixes blues-rock with sometimes punky rock'n'roll, reminiscent of The Rolling Stones, The Boomtown Rats, Tom Petty, or Graham Parker. Still, they sound very much present-day, with a clear social agenda.
Hardwicke Circus has played a lot of shows in the U.K. and Ireland already, including some of the major U.K.-festivals, and several shows in London. The future looks bright now that the band has been picked up by manager Dave Robinson (formerly Stiff Records, Island Records).
Debut album "The Borderland" out now! (Alternative Facts Records-import).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Rob)
Hazmat Modine (USA)
website, facebook, youtube
The band distills American music into an essence from its myriad forms: Blues, Country, R & B, Rock-n-Roll, Jazz, Gospel, World Music - yet it adds to this mixture something raw and mysterious that feels at once familiar and new.
Current album "Bonfire" (Jaro Medien-Music&Words)
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)


Fri. June 21 - NLD

Sun. June 23 – NLD
Huun Huur Tu (RUS)
website, facebook, soundcloud, youtube, wiki
Tuvan throat singers. The music is based on native Tuvan folk traditions in instruments and singing. In recent years western instruments like guitar and electronics are added.
This tour will be opened by a brand new film about the Tuva region, based on the book "Terra Incognita Tuva".
Current album "Children of the Otter" (Jaro Medien-Music&Word).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)


Thu. Nov. 20 - NLD
Fri. Nov. 21 - NLD
Sat. Nov. 22 - NLD
I Muvrini (FRA)
website, facebook, Dutch website
Corsican singer-songwriters since 30 years, combination of traditional polyphony with pop.
The live shows of I Muvrini are known for the engagement of the group for tolerance among humans. The song texts also speak about a great respect for nature.
New album "Più Forti" out now!
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)


Thu. Feb. 20 - NLD - Heerlen - Parkstad Limburg Theaters
Fri. Feb. 21 - NLD - Tilburg - Theaters Tilburg
Sat. Feb. 22 - NLD - Leeuwarden - De Harmonie
Sun. Feb. 23 - NLD - Hoofddorp - C.
Jan James (USA)
website, facebook, instagram, bandcamp
Jan is a blues-rock artist through and through, with a very warm voice. Live she's accompanied by guitar player Craig Calvert or by a whole band. Jan and Craig developed a musical chemistry that has evolved into a big sound and feel that is colored with blues, soul and the sweet dynamics of the best rock.
The current album "Justify" is a pure and commanding showcase of Jan's talent from start to finish (Blue Palace Records-Bertus).
New album "Time Bomb" due June 2023!
Bookings for all of Europe (by Hilde)


October / November - EUR
Sass Jordan & the Champagne Hookers (CAN)
website, facebook, instagram, youtube
Canada’s ‘Queen of Rock’, known from her hits: “Make You A Believer”, “High Road Easy”, “So Hard”, and many more.
With her album "Rebel Moon Blues", Sass turned to blues. Sass Jordan has always been a blues singer, it just took her 40 years to realize it. Her last two albums contains several remarkable cover songs, plus some originals.
Current album "Bitches Blues" (Stony Plain Records)
Bookings for all of Europe (by Hilde)
Like A Motorcycle (CAN)
website, instagram, spotify, bandcamp, facebook, youtube
Like A Motorcycle are three erratic queers and one very patient man. Like A Motorcycle write emotionally heavy songs to snotty music. Like A Motorcycle might scare you but Like A Motorcycle would never hurt you. Like A Motorcycle are a four-piece assault of a punk band, as one reviewer put it.
'A refreshing jolt of building-burning punk rock, brimming with fury and life'.
Their 2016 debut album is called "High Hopes".
Their 13 track sophomore album is "Dead Broke" (2020) (Known Accomplice-import), recorded in Vancouver with Howard Redekopp (Tegan and Sara, Mother Mother).
The band is currently working on new material, and has released two brand new singles.
Bookings for all of Europe (by Rob)
Minimal Compact (ISR)
website, wiki, bandcamp, facebook, spotify
Formed in Amsterdam in 1980, Minimal Compact were part of the original post-punk explosion – and remain one of its most distinctive voices. The band developed a unique mix of propulsive rhythms, spacious bass lines, rich keyboard textures, mesmeric guitar lines, and vocal melodies with a Middle-Eastern inflection. They sounded like nothing that had gone before.
Well-known releases include the album 'Deadly Weapons' (with club-hit ‘Next One Is Real’) and 'Raging Souls'.
Minimal Compact have now reconvened, together with producer and long-time collaborator Colin Newman (of post-punk legends Wire), to record part of their material in the best possible way, with a brand-new song as a bonus. The result is the album 'Creation is Perfect', out now!
Current album 'Creation is Perfect' (2019) (MC-Konkurrent).
Booking for the Netherlands (by Rob)
Nexø (DNK)
facebook, instagram, bandcamp, youtube
A fast and furious mix of 80s hardcore and 21st century punkrock, Nexø is angry and upset, and although their new album "False Flag" is only their second, the band-members all have over a decade of musical experience in different bands (like Patchanka and Larica). And the music shows it! The lyrics are relevant and the band radiates hope and determination: 'The times are not a'changing, we are changing the times'.
New album "False Flag" out now!
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Rob)
The Nomads (SWE)
website, facebook, instagram
The godfathers of the Swedish garage rock scene.
The Nomads started in 1981.
Current album ‘Solna’ received rave reviews (Universal for Scandinavia, Devils Jukebox for the rest of Europe); 2013 release: “Loaded Deluxe EP” on coloured vinyl with brand new tracks!
Bookings for all of Europe except SWE (by Rob)


Sat. July 13 – ESP – Vinuesa (Soria) – Motorbeach Festival (23:00)
Pussy Riot: Riot Days (RUS)
website, facebook, trailer, youtube1, youtube2
Protest art collective based in Moscow formed in 2011 with approx. 11 women participating. They staged unauthorised provocative guerrilla punk rock performances in unusual public places, which brought 3 of them to prison camps. Maria Alyokhina was one of them. She wrote a book about it, “Riot Days”. The book is the basis for this multi-media performance. Read also the great interview in The Music.
Book: “Riot Days” (Bertelsmann Pinguin).
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)


Thu. April 11 – NLD – Haarlem – Patronaat
Fri. April 12 – NLD – Heerlen – Nieuwe Nor
Sat. April 13 – NLD – Apeldoorn – Gigant
Sun. April 14 – BEL – Antwerpen – Arenberg (seated)

Tue. April 16 – NLD – Leeuwarden – De Harmonie (seated)
Taimane (USA)
website, facebook, instagram, youtube
Taimane translates to 'diamond' from Samoan, she is best known for her fierce and inventive style of playing the ukulele. With the fierceness of a rocker and the grace of a dancer, Taimane and her music are wowing ever-larger audiences. She has the ability to morph genres - from classical to rock to flamenco - and stretch her instrument far beyond the familiar melodies of Hawaii.
Online she's an influencer with over 15 million views on youtube and over 25.000 online followers.
Current album: "Elemental" (Taimane Records-import)
Bookings for the Netherlands (by Hilde)
Sachal Vasandani (USA)
website, facebook, instagram, youtube, soundcloud
Rooted in jazz, Sachal Vasandani is known for his singular voice, with a tone and unique phrasing that mark him as one of today's most compelling artists.
On his current album he is accompanied by French/NYC pianist Romain Collin. The album originated from a shared desire to create after months in isolation in spring 2020. The project intimately reworks well-known music by Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Lennon/McCartney, and other outstanding songwriters, alongside "spellbinding sensitive originals that are uniquely expressed."
"What is most remarkable about Vasandani's music is his uncomplicated vocal style, which reminds the listener that expressions of pain, angst and loss are perhaps most impactful when you don't make a big fuss about those emotions." (Rolling Stone India)
Current album “Still Life” (Edition Records), new album due fall!
Bookings for all of Europe (by Hilde)